Héloïse, 24 years old

After completing my baccalaureate in Aisne I studied in Paris. I left the high school environment where I was very supervised and well guided to enter the chaotic universe of higher studies.

I had to deal with many administrative procedures, finding housing and a small job to finance my studies and pay my rent.

Having your family home as the start point and then adapting to this new life, hass surtenlty not been easy!

We all have limits but it is important to pass them because everything is possible!

Dania, 28 years old

After completing my engineering degree in Greece I chose to come to Paris in order to pursue graduate studies.

When I arrived I didn't speak any French at all and despite the fact that I am European, the integration was not easy! I had to learn the language but also get out of it alone in face of the complexity of the French administration ...

This is what made me want to help fellow students who arrive and are in the same situation.

Studying abroad is great opportunity and I think it should be one of the greatest experience of you life too!