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The following conditions do not apply to ESCP Turin students.


Legal Notice 

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Flyfe SAS reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these Terms of Use in order to take into account the evolution of the Study&Co website. The Visitor declares that he/she has full legal capacity to enter into these Terms of Use.



General Conditions of Use of the STUDY&CO Website

Version updated December 2019.


Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of the present general terms of use (the "GTC") is to govern access to and use of, the Study&Co website: https://studynco.com/ (hereinafter the "Website"), including its contents and in particular, the texts, information, images, audio contents, services, integrated tools, programs, software, databases, assistants and other elements it contains (together referred to as "the Service") and legally bind the User to the company FLYFE SAS, with a capital of 10 000€, registered in the Melun Trade and Companies Register under number 830 794 053, whose registered office is located at 21bis, rue de la Forêt, 77220 Liverdy en Brie, FRANCE (hereinafter referred to as "the Host").


Any downloading and use of the Service implies full and complete acceptance of the GCU and, where applicable, of the special conditions stipulated by the Service and a commitment on the User’s part to comply with them.


The STUDY&CO Website provides students with access to a digital one-stop shop for student life, particularly for international students. Any person browsing the site is considered a User.


Article 2: Acceptance of the Charter of Use

By using the Site, the User agrees to comply strictly with the conditions of use and browsing defined in the terms of this Charter (hereinafter the "Charter"). The User accepts that the Charter may be amended by the editor without prior notice. The User accepts the latest updated version on each new connection to the Site. Any connection to the Site implies the obligation to comply with this Charter.


Article 3: Commitment of the User

The User will comply with the applicable laws and regulations and will respect all rights of third parties and other Users.


Article 4: Rights of STUDY&CO / FLYFE

STUDY&CO / FLYFE (hereinafter "STUDY&CO") reserves the right at any time to immediately, and without prior notice, delete any content of any nature whatsoever and, in particular, any message, photograph or graphic that contravenes the laws and regulations in force:

to modify the Charter; 
to interrupt or suspend all or part of the Site or to modify, add or amend the Site without obligation of preliminary information, nor of compensation of the User;
to put an end to all or part of the right of access, to remove the account and password, to withdraw any diffused contents and to terminate, automatically and without compensation nor notice, any membership concerning any User having contravened any of the stipulations of the Charter;
to change all or part of the identifiers in particular for technical or security reasons without the User being able to claim any compensation.

Article 5: Security

The User is informed and accepts that the Internet presents technical specificities which induce the impossibility of guaranteeing the absolute continuity of the access to the Service and the response times, as well as the safety in the transmission of the data.

In each case, the User is informed and accepts that the information and services offered on the Site :

may be interrupted in case of unforeseeable circumstances for which STUDY&CO is not responsible;

may contain errors of a technical or human nature;

may require maintenance and/or correction;

may lead to occasional loss of data.

Article 6: Respect for Computer Integrity and Security

The User undertakes to respect the regulations in force concerning computer fraud, and as such, to refrain from attempting to intrude into an automated data processing system or to alter, in whole or in part, the elements it contains. The User will not transmit elements containing viruses. The User shall refrain from using the Site for illicit purposes, in particular malice or hacking.


Article 7: Indemnification

The User shall indemnify STUDY&CO in the event of damage or claims from third parties resulting from the sending, dissemination or transmission of illicit content by the User or from the use of the Site in a manner that contravenes this Charter.


Article 8: Intellectual Property

The User acknowledges that STUDY&CO is the owner of all intellectual property rights and rights of use/distribution relating to the elements contained on the Site. The User shall therefore refrain from any direct or indirect commercial use of the Website and its contents.

The User acknowledges that he/she only has the right to use the Site for non-commercial purposes for private use, for the administrative needs of his/her student life. This is a personal right that cannot be transferred without the prior written authorization of STUDY&CO.


Article 9: Links to the Site

The establishment of links to the page, whose address is https://studynco.com, is subject to compliance with the conditions listed below:

     i. that this page appears under the above-mentioned address,

    ii. that, if the links are established from the STUDY&CO brand,

   iii. that the sites operating links to this address carry out an activity and disseminate information, images and any other material in accordance with public order and good morals and, in general, comply with French law.

Article 10: Links to Third Party Websites

STUDY&CO shall not be held liable for the content of any links to other websites or for the conditions of access to such websites. Such links do not constitute a recommendation or validation of the sites in question or their content.

Article 11: Guarantee / Quality

STUDY&CO does not guarantee that the Site will function without interruptions, errors, disturbances, viruses or failures. STUDY&CO does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the content of the information and Services offered on the STUDY&CO Site. STUDY&CO, one of its partners or its employees, shall not be held liable for the use made by the User of the information and services offered on the Site and/or for the User's browsing.

Article 12: Passwords

The User is responsible for the passwords assigned to him/her for accessing and using the restricted-access Services on the Site.

STUDY&CO may not be held liable for the fraudulent use of identifiers by a third party who has stolen them.

Passwords are automatically invalidated after three incorrect entries: the User may then request new passwords by contacting STUDY&CO.


ARTICLE 13: Personal Data

In accordance with the regulations relating to the protection of individuals, with regard to the processing of personal data, the User's personal data (surname, first name, e-mail address, nationality, academic background) may be subject to automated processing for the purposes of management of the Service by STUDY&CO. The data collected is essential for this processing and is intended exclusively for the employees and collaborators of STUDY&CO who will have to process the Services. The User’s data may be kept for the duration of the processing of the Service, in addition to five (5) years. The purpose of the processing is the implementation of the Service accessible from the STUDY&CO Site. Your data is hosted in France on the server The Site is hosted by OVH SAS, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix. STUDY&CO implements organizational, technical, software and physical digital security measures to protect personal data against alteration, destruction and unauthorized access. However, it should be noted that the Internet is not a completely secure environment. STUDY&CO cannot therefore guarantee the security of the transmission or storage of information on the Internet. You have the right to the portability of your data, the right to access, rectify, limit and object on legitimate grounds, as well as the right to define directives concerning the fate of your personal data after your death. To exercise your rights, simply send an email to the following address: contact@studynco.com. If you consider that your rights are not respected, you can send a complaint to the CNIL on the CNIL website: https://www.cnil.fr/.


ARTICLE 14: Applicable Law / Miscellaneous

The present GTU are subject to French law as well as all questions related to their conclusion, their interpretation, their implementation and the use of the Application, and to the exclusive competence of the French jurisdictions.

In the event that one, or more, of the stipulations, herein, is declared illegal or null and void by any jurisdiction whatsoever, the validity, legality or application of the other stipulations herein shall not be affected.

The fact that STUDY&CO does not avail itself of a breach by the User of any of its obligations hereunder shall not be interpreted as a waiver of the obligation in question.


ARTICLE 15: Legal Notices

For any question relating to the present GTU, the User can write to the following e-mail address: contact@studynco.com

The Site is hosted by: OVH SAS, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France.