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Student Mobility: Beyond Standard Processes

Every student is unique, so why use a generic mobility system? Do you feel the burden of a lack of personalization, leaving some students feeling left out? With Study&Co, each student enjoys a tailored approach, all automated.

Put an end to redundant calls, emails, and questions that eat up your time

Do back-to-school periods leave you overwhelmed, behind schedule, and always answering the same questions? Imagine a world where workload peaks are managed smoothly, and redundant tasks are eliminated.

Build Bridges, Not Barriers

International partnership is an adventure – but with the right tools, it can be much less perilous. Find funding, forge strong alliances, and stay at the forefront of global trends.

Because we aim to Act for Educational Impact, we help you:

Strengthen Your Bond with International Students

Increase student engagement rates through our platform, ensure smooth and caring communication with your students, guaranteeing ongoing support.

Shine internationally

Become a leader in welcoming and integrating students from around the world with improved welcoming and mobility processes.

Optimize Your Budget Management

Maximize your ROI by using your resources efficiently and eliminating unexpected costs.

How? With Study&Co

Student Mobility and Welcome Tool

  • Digital Welcome Desk: Personalized checklists, multilingual support, and an interactive guide. 
  • Resources for administrative procedures: Monitoring, tutorials.
  • Proactive Alerts: Intelligent notifications.

Extended Partner Network

  • Exclusive Benefits: Banking services, discounted telephony, and more.                  
  • VIP Welcome: Taxi services, pickups, welcome kits.

Chat Module

  • Real-time Assistance and always available: Instant responses.
  • Flexible Options: Choose between free or paid services.

Technical Features

  • Customization in your school’s colors.
  • Collaborative administrative space, multi-campus mastery, 24/7 support.
  • Strategic analysis.
  • Detection of students in difficulty.

Our Story

Dania, a Greek student, and Héloïse, a French student, experienced unique challenges when settling in Paris.

Their shared experience united them in a mission: to simplify student integration.

Thus, they founded Study&Co, a platform that provides resources, advice, and a supportive community to help every student integrate into France.

Marine, Anaïs and Augustin then joined the adventure!

The Proof in Numbers

More than 30 higher education institutions in 6 countries trust Study&Co 
to solve their student mobility challenges. 

+20% enrollment rate

Students through simplified processes.

Save 5 hours per week

This is the working time saved by our clients through the elimination of redundant tasks.

Improved communication

98% of our clients’ students use the platform regularly.

Partner satisfaction

Increased satisfaction of our clients’ international partners.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in our solution. If you are not satisfied with our platform within 30 days, we will refund you in full.
Since 2017, 100% of our customers have been satisfied and have renewed!

No more stress, no more worries, only results

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To improve communication with students in mobility. 

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