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Student Mobility and Welcome Tool

  • Multilingual personal checklists: Replace PDFs with an interactive guide for before and during the stay covering housing, medical contacts, campus life, and leisure.
  • Resources for all administrative procedures: monitoring, tutorials
  • Proactive Alerts: Intelligent notifications to ensure compliance and avoid errors.
  • Extended network of partners with Exclusive Benefits: Banking services, reduced-rate telephony, and much more.

Chat Module

  • Chat Module Real-Time Assistance:
    Instant responses to frequently asked questions.


  • Always Available: 24/7 service for constant support.


  • Flexible Options: Choice between free or paid services to adapt to all needs.

Technical Features

Collaborative Administrative Space

Centralize, simplify, and improve team coordination through a space designed for excellence.

Multi-Campus Mastery

Uniformly and simultaneously customize updates for each campus.

Strategic Analysis

Analyze usage trends and guide your decisions for continuous service improvement.

School-Themed Platform

The entire visual identity of the platform adapts to reflect your institution.

24/7 Support

For updating and enriching your platform with key campus life information.

Identification of Students in Difficulty

Facilitated identification of students in difficulty.


VIP Welcome
for a Stress-Free Arrival

Customizable Services for Your Institution

Airport Taxi and Pickup Service

Student Buddy assigned: WhatsApp exchange before and during arrival.

Real-time tracking of flight, train, bus, airport.

Welcome with a signboard

Transportation to accommodation with a driver

Welcome Kits

Sim card: Reassurance and the ability to activate administrative procedures with a French number.

Transport tickets: Enable students to travel easily during the 1st week.

French cinema ticket with English subtitles: Discover the best of French cinema while breaking the language barrier.

and more. 

Orientation Workshops

Housing: Understanding the rental system, avoiding scams, assisting with an efficient rental application, finding a guarantor, applying for housing assistance

Health: Understanding the French healthcare system, assisting with social security application, …

and much more.

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